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E2 INVESTOR Services From Just £2,995!

E2 Treaty Investor Services

E2 Visa Express specialise in providing fast, friendly, helpful and cost-effective assistance to individuals, couples and families investing in a US business which meets the E2 investment requirements.

Working exclusively with Nationals of qualifying E2 countries, Citizens and Passport holders, we are 100% focused on working with investors who will ultimately need to make an E2 visa application. Our small team of consultants have all lived and worked in the USA themselves as an E2 Treaty Investor.

Offering fixed-rate fees and unlimited consultation, E2 Visa Express guarantee to have prepared your immigration business plan and financial projection within just 7 days of having received all the required documentation needed from you to complete your application.

E2 Visa Requirements for UK Nationals

✓ 1 hour, no-obligation review

✓ Immigration Business Plan Prepared

✓ Financial Projections Prepared

✓ Unlimited consultation & contact

✓ Guaranteed 7 day turnaround

✓ Transparent, fixed-rate price of £2,995

What is an e2 Visa?

The E2 Visa or “E2 Treaty Investor Visa” as it is officially named, is a non-immigration visa which entitles an individual to live and work in the USA for the purpose of managing a business in which they have made a substantial investment. The U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services website provide a good overview of the visa although it does not provide direct help or support for those commencing an application.

The visa is only available to nationals of certain eligible countries and can be extended to include the spouse and children under the age of 21 of the main applicant.

For UK nationals the visa is generally valid for 5 years at can be renewed indefinitely provided that the applicants continue to meet the necessary requirements.

Application Process E2

Read our simple, 7-step overview of the E2 Visa application process and start your application today by booking a 1 hour, no-obligation review. 

Personal Requirements

For UK nationals and British passport holders, the personal requirements are well defined and we can normally predict if you’re likely to qualify straightaway.

Investment Requirements

Although complex, the E2 investment requirements ultimately favour credible businesses capable of making a worthy contribution to the US economy. 

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Find out why you don’t need to use an Immigration Attorney or Immigration Lawyer and why you could spend thousands of pounds more than you have to.

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