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Completing an e2 Visa Application

Completing a successful E2 Treaty Investor Visa application is an extremely time-consuming task even for the most experienced service provider or international investor.

The application requires a comprehensive Immigration Business Plan and Financial Projection which is where the majority of our consultants time will be focused on your behalf. Once these documents are complete we will collate these with the other necessary documents and provide you with a file in the correct format required.

It is possible to apply for an E2 Visa without an Immigration Attorney or Lawyer, but, for anyone considering applying by themselves it is likely to be a very overwhelming and complicated process. Just one mistake can lead to the application being denied which can make it harder to get the visa approved in future and may even exclude the applicants from future visa free travel to the U.S.A.

E2 Visa Express assist UK Nationals, UK Citizens and British Passport Holders in applying for the E2 visa. With extensive experience and understanding of the application process, we will take away the guess work, put together the application on your behalf and look to make the process as simple, straightforward and as stress-free as possible.


1. No-Obligation, Review

To begin the process, E2 Visa Express offers a no-obligation review to examine the potential of your application. The review will be conducted over the telephone and will take approximately 1 hour.

The review will look to ensure that all the applicants meet the necessary requirements and to discuss the intended investment.

Based on the information you provide, we will then be able to judge the likelihood of your application meeting the approval of the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS).

2. Consultation

Should you decide to use E2 Visa Express to assist you then we will then need to conduct a more thorough consultation to ensure that we have all the necessary information in order to begin preparing your immigration business plan, financial projection and the additional information.

This will include a fact find of the business you are purchasing to identify (in detail) aspects such as;

  • Annual Turnover
  • Historical profit and loss
  • How long the business has been in operation
  • If the purchase includes any real estate
  • If the company currently employs any staff
  • What is the current owner benefit being met
  • How you intend to take the business forward
  • If you planning to increase the amount of employees and if so how?
  • How you plan to increase the annual turnover and owner benefit
  • Your marketing strategy

E2 Visa Express will then also provide you with a detailed list of the necessary documents needed to support this information and inform you of any specific actions you may need to take in order that the business purchase reaches the requirements of the United Sates immigration system.

3. Preliminary Documents

There are two steps that are necessary for all E2 investors at this stage;

Do not pay for the MRV or start the DS160 prior to your consultation.

The DS160 is a very thorough document which gathers a great deal of background information on each applicant.

Once you have completed these steps and provided all the documents requested following your consultation we can then proceed to prepare the official application package on your behalf.

4. Preparation of E2 Submission Package

This is an extensive 7 section document which can be broadly split up into two sections.

The first half of the document contains a series of documents, declarations and supporting evidence outlining how the primary investor and each additional applicant meet the necessary requirements for the E2 visa. We will compile a selection of documents as evidence that you reach the requirements, some documents will be written for your approval and signature as required by United States immigration law.

The second half of the document requires comprehensive and detailed information regarding the intended investment of the main applicant(s). It will include the immigration business plan and financial projections we prepare along with substantial supporting evidence to show the validity of the investment together with proof of funds (the source of which will be scrutinised). We will need to compile a full money trail along with supporting evidence showing that the funding has been legally obtained and is now in the United States ready to complete your purchase. For your convenience we will put all of your documentation in a format accepted and required by the United States immigration service.

We require just 7 Days write your immigration business plan, financial projection and to then collate these with the other documents to complete the official application. The 7 days is from the point at which we have received all the requested documents from the preliminary investor and any additional applicant(s).

5. Application Submission

Once submitted to the London Embassy the application will be reviewed by the adjudicators within 46 working days. 

6. Interview

Provided that your application is not denied you will receive an email requesting that you attend an interview at the American Embassy in London. All applicant will be required to take their passports to the interview and these will be retained until the visas are granted or denied.

7. Receive Visa

Following the interview, successful applicants will be required to pay a Visa Issuing Fee before having the 5 year E2 visa entered into their passport which shall be returned to them by courier.


Find out why you don’t need to use an Immigration Attorney or Immigration Lawyer and why you could spend thousands of pounds more than you have to.

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Common Application Questions

What is the visa processing time for UK Nationals?

The U.S. Embassy in London will take various amounts of time to process your application, this will depend on many outside influences including workload, state holidays and staffing levels.

We guarantee to have your package ready to submit electronically to the USA Embassy within 7 days of us receiving ALL requested paperwork from you, This will be given to you in a list with full instructions of what we need from you, if you have any questions or are unsure about anything we can be contacted by phone, email and whatsapp so that we can help you.

How much will the Visa Application process cost?

Most others quote from $5000 – $15000 depending on the level of investment, This is a bad business ethic as the same level of detail is needed regardless of investment level. Also most add on parts of your application as extras to be paid for separately, but you WILL need them as they form part of the application package. We  have our flat fee charge wich includes all needed sections of your application, no extras , no add ons and total transparency.

How Long Will the Visa last?

E2 visas can be issued up to 5 years at a time, this is at the control of the adjudicator and how your interview goes, and another reason to make your application so that you understand it and dont feel intimidated by it, that way you will feel confident during your interview. 

How do I renew my Visa?

To renew you go through the whole process again, although it is presented slightly differently, the visa can be renewed indefinitely under current rules but you must show that the business is performing ok. Renewals are usually issued in 5 years renewals.

Can my Visa be revoked?

YES, so make sure that you do not commit any felonies whilst living in the USA, you can lose your visa and the possibility to ever return to the USA.